Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Silence

The Silence by Om Unit

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The Silence is a song that resonates in a perpetual manner within me now.

In the past I spoke of a golden seed growing within me. It seems I have been swept up into the tail of a comet, caught within its trailing vortex. The song seems to embody the blissful helplessness of this wondrous experience. 

I have opened up my heart and surrendered to the whole of consciousness fully. I now know what samadhi means.

As it has happened in the past the silence washes over me without warning. I sense it in the background, an ever present stillness. I can no longer differentiate between inner and outer realms of the self. 

While sitting and creating my day this morning my thoughts just stopped. I found myself in a meditative state that lasted about three hours or more (I can only approximate the passage of time).

I am experiencing a new sensation. I do not seem to be moving though life, but life (this conscious reality) seems to be  moving towards me as I surrender to the stillness within me.

Is this what they have tried to prevent from happening? What used to be so difficult seem effortless now. I cannot tell if they were real or the manifestation of my conscious ego. Not so important now. 

Blessings to all who have read this.