Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Journal: Blacklisted

I was unable to access this site from public wifi at an American military facility's waiting room. Reason given is that the site is blacklisted. 

This is kind of interesting since Google provides blacklisted data to ISPs and this is a google blog. So I suspect that this might be limited. 

I'll see what I can do to correct this. I am well aware that my material concerning ascencion was being watched by other nefarious organizations, but not at the level of the military and federal agencies. 

I was content with the level of dissemination from this blog. Let's see what happens when I take it to another level...

Update: Apparently this blog is possibly an adult site or purveyor of pornography. This might not have been as nefarious as I suspected. Still need to step up my dissemination of this info.

This reality is such a kick in the ass.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Journal: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I have mentioned that I surf waves of consciousness. I am getting better at this, now. I remember surfing in Hawaii, the old guys would arrive at the break and I would notice that everyone was watching them. The old guys could anticipate the sets well before anyone else. They would move into position and everyone would follow. 

One time the old guys took off heading off to the side where the water was deeper. Worried that I was missing something, I looked around and couldn't see anything and stayed put. I looked back toward the beach and then to the ocean and saw what they were avoiding. I did not have enough time to get to deeper water between the breaks. A set of three 15 foot waves worked me to near exhaustion. I learned that the best thing to do at that time was to ride it out, don't fight it. The old guys were tapped into the flow of the ocean and probably much more. I see why they had the respect of the other surfers. 

Consciousness is very much like an ocean. There are waves, currents, and streams flowing back to the source. Most of us spend a lifetime going against this force, going against the flow of consciousness and end up getting worked, pounded and lost. 

I spent a good part of my life looking for someone to teach me about life and show me how to navigate and avoid rough waters. I have come to realize that the teachers are all around me. They always have been and always will be.

The greatest and most important teacher is life itself. Consciousness is an ever expanding dream we call life. But, as with everything, you need experience in order to interpret and navigate this ever changing conscious environment. 

My dreams have taught me the true nature of my conscious environment. Many of my unconscious dreams take place on or near a beach of an endless body of water (on the shores of consciousness). 

Within the vast expanse of consciousness and the infinite waves of possibilities it is easy to get distracted. There are bread crumbs to help you find your way back on point. Seemingly silly songs become beacons of truth and usher in waves of contentment. When I get off track I remember this song, Row, row, row your boat (do the work) gently (be attentive and respectful) down the stream (go with the flow of consciousness) merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily (be joyful and content) life is but a dream (remember life's true nature). 

And just one more thing, don't be afraid to get wet.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Journal: Never Say Never

As I think about the latest and ongoing attempts at ascension, I am reminded of the one person that shouted at me as he rode by on his bicycle, "you will 'never' make it", as I cycled up Mt. Hamilton. I have come a long way from that moment (when I did not realize the true nature of this reality).

Much has changed since that moment. I have changed. With experiences gained comes the inevitable expansion of consciousness. Once this expansion has occurred there cannot be a return or compression. There is profound truth when someone states that there is value in the journey of life and the experiences gained than the accomplishments. 

I have noticed a recent change in my unconscious and conscious dreams. I also know that my recovery from whatever was done to change my level of consciousness will be swift. Experience has taught me that my time is relative to expanding conscious states and time is irrelevant within the whole of infinite consciousness. 

I have noticed a change in the kinds of people that I encounter in my conscious physical reality. What attracts my attention is the false, or artificial nature of it. Although it is a more sanitized version, it is unable to keep pace with my constant appetite for further expansion. The transient nature of this physical reality is overwhelming, change is everlasting. 

In the absence of time past, present, and future coalesce. My unconscious and subconscious constantly reminds me, it is not that I will 'never' make it, it is that I haven't yet realized that I already have. That is the true nature of enlightened ascension. This is now far easier to digest. 

To those that attempt to obstruct my eventual expansive ascension, if what I say is true then we have already met and if there is one thing to know about me is that I 'never' give up. See you soon...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Journal: The Watchmen

Woke up before sunrise feeling content. There was a bit of restlessness urging me to get up to begin another segment of this experience. 

Much of the life around me was in disarray, but I did not let it influence me. My new found perceptions are being allowed to carve out better possibilities that weren't visible in the past. 

As I had mentioned before that I am seeing people in my unconscious dreams (men) standing by watching me, this has become somewhat of a standard. I do not look for them, they just seem to appear, in the periphery of my visual field. I usually do not think about it while dreaming, but remember the oddity after regaining consciousness. 

I can usually tell when there is a shift in my conscious level and today was a day where the watchmen have been doing double duty. It is a bit strange and I sometimes wonder if anyone else can see them. Doesn't matter really, just another oddity in my ever expanding conscious experience. I must be doing something to attract their attention, but I do not know if it is something I am doing in my unconscious dreams or this conscious shared dream. 

Progress? I'm still here... In the past I was always trying to go elsewhere, now  I am beginning to realize there is more happening right here and now than I could have ever imagined or thought possible. I can do anything from here, regardless of where here is.

When you begin to awaken to that thing called the 'now' it's empowering on many levels. Can't wait for tomorrow. 

New paradigm: Lucid day dreams.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Journal: Surfs Up

As I continue to view life as a shared dream, there is this underlying knowing that puts everything into a wildly content perspective. 

There are people that understand the true nature of this consciousness and there are varying levels of those that do not. I seem to be lost in between. I spend a lot of my time at, what can be best described as, trying to catch waves of consciousness. When I can catch a wave I cannot yet stay on it. 

I can see two layers or levels in this conscious dream a.k.a. life. It looks a lot like a computer ( my frame of reference is saturated with tech ). I can see the operating system as consciousness and I can see individual applications. The applications are people and organizations ( hey, wait this is starting to sound like that Matrix movie ) running under the confines of the operating system. I see successful apps, failing apps and apps that seem to cause a lot of problems ( problems from my new perspective ). 

What is beginning to fascinate me most is how they all play off one another. There is a level of dependence also. The classic battle of the opposites. Anarchists cannot exist without the systems of government and their acts are necessary because without it their would be no need for government, nor anarchy. 

They all seem to be fighting for energy, but what they have not yet realized is that within consciousness there is an infinit abundance of this energy. I now know the difficulty of this particular blindness. 

I hear the news and I am unsettled, I do not yet understand, nor care, why ( the influence of the subconscious observer ). There is this feeling of a guiding narrative influencing everything. This might be caused by my need for a narrative to make sense out of it, but it is a palpable feeling. The entire orchestration is deeply profound...

I guess these are the first steps to eventually surrendering unto consciousness. Kind of like learning to surf. Part of the learning process is knowing when to let go.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Journal: Radio Free

Just another post to mark this segment of my experiences.

If anyone ever says "it's all in your mind", the correct reply should be "of course, how could it be any other way".

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Journal: Now You See Me...

Part of the harassment that is employed by those that are called "gang stalkers" of "targeted individuals" is mainly psychological manipulation. This happens on many levels and almost every aspect of our conscious experience. Day to day conversations, mass media, urban and rural environmental experiences and even our unconscious experiences can influence our internal conversations and behavior. If you are unaware that people are manipulating you with casual conversations and utilizing the powers of suggestion they can manipulate your behavior and choices to a powerful degree.

Once you become aware of these tactics as well as some others you are able watch the entire process with a bit of a grin. The best you can do is to ignore these shenanigans and go about your life while watching these tactics being deployed as a form of entertainment. This shared conscious dream that we all are experiencing has much to do with various entities, beings, and organizations (political, marketing, religious) vying for your attention. I have learned that what you give most of your attention to becomes the narrative of your conscious dream experience.

We must also understand that the whole of consciousness is also vying for you attention and when you are aware of this it is easy to discern the influences of consciousness from the many charlatans, spooks and minions. It all comes down to choices. Give your attention to that which best suits your desires and ignore all the rest. If you do not see it, does it really exist?

Vous avez un choix...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Journal: Rodents-Dead-Gone

This post will not make sense to anyone but me. The title marks a waypoint in my life. One I may or may not refer to along the way...