Monday, February 27, 2017

Journal: Why?

I am failing to answer a simple question. Within the infinite possibilities of consciousness there is one human behavior that I am unable to understand at this time. Why do we hurt one another?

I can see where this has occurred in the distant past that seemingly set off a chain reaction. Clearly we have evolved to a level of consciousness where we can put an end to this behavioral disorder, but it persists. 

When I focus on the question my mind falls silent, possibly because there aren't any reasons that exist within consciousness for us to continue hurting one another, or the only reasons that exist are the ones we create...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal: Who Am I?

Losing a sense of ones self is not easy, even when it is intentional. When faced with the truth, seen through the eyes of who you now have become, there is some hesitation and fear of losing what you believed to have been your true self, even now that you know it was false. 

I never could have imagined anything like I am beginning to experience. When consciousness expands and the truth begins to set in, you begin to feel a lot like a fool. A stupid little fool.

What a strange trip it has been...