Sunday, September 25, 2016

Time And Time Again...

I woke up this morning drenched in contentment and bliss. I have no reason for this. I had an interesting dream, but it was nothing that would bring on that level contentment. I really enjoy when this happens because it shows me my true nature. I tried to find a reason for my contentment, but I began to drift into a deep state of meditation. Consciousness was insisting that my state of mind was essentially very normal even though it is not the state of mind I am in all the time. It is funny and fitting that I then watched as time was stripped from my conscious reality as I drifted into a deep meditative trance. Dead silence in blissful contentment, mindless, timeless...

Time is that which we use to measure our reality. The entire solar system is a clock and sets the cadence for our existence. Our body's rhythm is set by the rise and fall of the sun. It is difficult to understand that time, like everything else, is an illusion within the dream construct of this existence. We perceive time differently depending on our experiences. Time usually does not fly by when we are waiting in a long line or slow down when we are doing something we derive pleasure from. Interestingly time is something that makes this shared this reality possible. History, photographs, the written word, video, memory, etc., are ways that we record events as they happen that allow us to participate in this shared dream. Memory sliced by time is how this reality was constructed and then inherited. Time is integral aspect of how we function, or better yet, how the mind functions or has learned to function in regards to the timescape of the now.

In thinking about how the mind functions we are not living in the moment, we are actually living in the past or reacting to past events. We are not truly able of living in the moment because of the manner in which we process information. The simple act of seeing is a very long and complicated process. Visual data enters the eye through the lens as reflected light at about 24 frames a second. The light falls upon the retina focused by the lens upside down. The image is transmitted to the brain where visual cortex begins to make sense out of information and the information is filtered through our frame of reference and then we see the information as an image in the mind. All this happens in a split second or less,  but what we are seeing has already happened. We are reacting to sense data from past events. The amount of time that takes place from an act to our reaction is mostly irrelevant, but it is still time nonetheless. For the majority of people it is not enough time to react of think about an alternate reaction because we are not able to view our reality as it truly is, a reality without time.

Creation and Perception

The mind is creating our reality based upon data it receives from the environment. Creation and perception is happen at the same time. Data is received and perception aids in the creation of the dream reality. Time is what we use to make sense out of it. The linear progression of time is how the mind records that which is created an stored as memory thus building upon the narrative that is our life experience.

Nonlocality distorts our perceived concepts of time. Past, present and future exist at the same time in the same point within consciousness and even only exists when we engage in thought that targets a specific past, present or future event. There is only the moment, the now is the only thing that exists and everything within our reality only exists within that moment. The linear progression of time is that which supports the illusion of past and future in a reality based upon materialism.

Nonlocality can be experienced when you allow yourself to drift into a memory of a past experience's emotions and sensations. I am now able to focus my attention upon a past event and then drift into a dream to a level where when I become lucid within the past event I usually snap out of it. My olfactory memory has even allowed me to smell the the past event as well. Are we capable of transcending time and space if we accept consciousness as a dream. If the mind is an instrument of dreams we could then learn use this facility to open doors to infinite possibilities within reality, not just this reality but others as well.

Multiple Levels of Existence

You may have heard about one of the deities in eastern philosophy that sits on a lotus flower and dreams of a universe and from its belly button a lotus flower grows and upon the lotus flower another version of the same deity sits and dreams of a universe, and so on. The concept of multiple levels of consciousness and universes is very old. String theory touches on eleven space time dimensions separated by membranes each having a specific resonance. These dimensions may be 2 dimensional in nature existing of information only.

My experiences supports the idea that there are many levels of consciousness and we move from one level to the next based upon our current level of energy or resonance. Although I have not encountered other vastly different worlds I have visited levels where the people are very different and when I had returned to the same place at a later time the character of the people changed to what I normally encounter.

I am beginning to understand that multiple levels within a specific plane of existence or dream world exist. The science of quantum mechanics provides evidence that particles are popping in and out of existence. Science believes that the particles spend time as real, or original, particles and then some time as virtual particles.
"Quantum mechanics allows, and indeed requires, temporary violations of conservation of energy, so one particle can become a pair of heavier particles (the so-called virtual particles), which quickly rejoin into the original particle as if they had never been there. If that were all that occurred we would still be confident that it was a real effect because it is an intrinsic part of quantum mechanics, which is extremely well tested, and is a complete and tightly woven theory--if any part of it were wrong the whole structure would collapse."
Where do the particles go when they are not here? This is a question that I have came upon many times in scientific literature as well as the quasi quantum spiritual online realms. I believe that there are several levels of consciousness. In popular culture they are expressed as parallel universes, and dimensions that can be positive and negative in nature.

When I lived in Hawaii at the height of the energy attacks, I left my apartment to go to the grocery store. When I stepped out of the front door the low level of energy I was experiencing was very apparent. The sky was overcast and the location appeared rundown. There was a sketchy looking guy selling something to another guy, possibly a drug deal. There were a lot of vagrants walking the streets and congregating in out of the way locations. When I walked into the grocery store most of the customers looked as if they were sickly and tired. I felt like I was just as sickly and worn out and wondered if my level of energy was responsible for my rather dystopian environment. I had never seen it look so bad, it was a if I was in another area of the city. The radiation from the energy weapons drained me of my life force and I existed in version or level of low life force with people of equal energy, or a reality of equal energy.

Crossing Realities

Since my time in Hawaii and here on the mainland I have been working on a device that is capable of concentrating life sustaining energy. The initial devices were weak, but they were essential in allowing me to counter the use of electromagnetic radiation to prevent me from ascending or expanding my conscious environment. The devices have matured and they are now capable of producing more energy and I can use that energy to move into other levels of consciousness, mostly ones where I am not always welcome.

The different levels of consciousness share the same environment and usually the same time frame. I have not yet experienced another time frame. I have not visited the future, but I retain it as a possibility as I continue to work with the development of the devices. The most notable difference in the various levels are the people that exist there. Lower levels of energy always exhibit people of the same level of energy and higher levels exhibit a higher life force and also a improvement in attractiveness. It is easy for me to discern between one level and the next. I am in a constant battle to offset the radiation that prevents me from ascending to a higher state of consciousness. I am not sure that 'higher' can correctly describe a certain level of consciousness it may be just another level other than the current one that I perceive to be better.

Sometimes I encounter people with higher levels of resonance usually exhibiting some higher level of wealth. I know when they are nearby, I can sense them. When I am close enough to look these people in the face I can tell that they were able to sense my presence, by their reaction. What usually happens is that shortly after we acknowledge our encounter there are a swarm of people that begin to run interference for them. Strangely it is similar to a dream changing character. The location is the same, but it is similar to dreams I have when I sleep when I a person in the dream discovers that I do not belong there. Sometimes the shift is gradual and other times it is abrupt. These changes are always preceded by an encounter with these people of higher resonance.

Could the future, past and present exist as other levels of consciousness? I cannot answer this because I have yet to experience the future in anything else than being caught between a deep meditative state and dreaming. The images were fleeting and, for lack of a better phrase, "dream like", but the events did materialize in my reality. Did briefly exist within a moment of time in the future? Am I always existing in the same point where all concepts of time exist, but only able to experience the moment within my linear perception of time? When I receive warnings from my subconscious or unconscious where do they derive their information from that would prompt such warnings?

Real Dreams

Are resting dreams different levels of consciousness? My experiences have shown me that resting dreams are just as real as this shared reality. My resting dreams have familiar environments that I visit and navigate with confidence. People within my dreams know me and some are even waiting for me to arrive. Some even call me by name and are very happy to see me again(?). Within my dreams I live a life that is very different from this reality. I learn things from my resting dreams that I apply in this reality and I show people in my resting dreams what I know and experience in this shared dream.

I had an experience where a woman driving by my home while I was in the front yard and wildly gesturing to someone that I was the one. She was pointing at me as if she was trying to communicate "it's him, there he is". I could not see who she was gesturing to. At the time I thought it was more odd than my usual odd experiences, and later dismissed it. I was having unusual dreams during that time and I was being ushered out of a lot of my dreams, mostly by men. The men would force me to wake up once they discovered me in the dream, I was even shot in the head shortly after entering a dream. During this time I was even warned that a Native American tribe was hunting me during a dream. What was odd about the lady pointing me out is that I did not leave the house for about two weeks prior to going out in the front (I work from home). Where did she encounter my likeness? My next dream featured some sinister looking Native Americans trying to find me while I was in the backyard. Did she tell them where I lived? As strange as it may seem this is perfectly normal now. Resting dreams are as real as this shared reality and when I have experiences, some violent events, and wake up I am able to renter the dream and allow it to continue; much like as if waking from one dream places me into another dream within this reality.

This shared reality is unraveling and I am trying to make sense of my experiences with a limited frame of reference. I am having difficulty framing unknowns with all that I do know. The problem is that I am beginning to understand that all I know is mostly false. I am starting to have more lucid dreams in environments that seem more real than this shared reality, feeling like a different level or dimension. What happens when I am able to remain in a lucid state within a different dream world? How do I wake up from a dream that was created by a limited frame of reference into one of limitless possibilities? Those that watch me in this shared dream are doing whatever is possible to ensure I do not make that transition. If past, present and future do exist within the same moment of our non-local conscious environment then in one sense I have already made the transition and all I need to do is make sense of it all. These posts are a means to this transition. I believe the posts contribute to changing the current paradigm within this reality, facilitating thought, manifesting change, disseminating possibilities...

I'm going to break it here and continue next time with more on time and even time travel, or time traveling tourists.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Crossed Words

Just a short post I had to write since I could not get back to sleep this morning...

Something unexpected is happening in regard to my evolving realization concerning the nature of this reality within the confines of consciousness. I have been grappling with past and current experiences and they are now beginning to make sense. It is a lot like looking over a crossword puzzle you have been working on for a while, but today you look over it and those unanswered items make sense and the letters just fall into the right places. You begin to see how all the questions are related and dependent upon one another.

Yesterday I ran some errands and drove around the inner city and highways. My conscious environment was pleasant and mostly unobstructed. I am still in awe of much of what I see in relation to my new world view. It is interesting to continue living my life knowing that it is nothing but a dream. When I run into a problem this notion washes over me and something within me just can't be bothered with it. I accept it for what it is, just as I would accept a similar experience when waking up from my unconscious dreams during rest. I have to say that it is liberating in that it is now easy to detach my emotions from those experiences. Detachment was that eastern philosophical component that alluded me since learning about it some time ago.

One thing has occurred that was not expecting (how could I...). I just can't seem to care about a lot of things anymore. This is something I need to be mindful of. Emotional detachment as I have stated above is liberating, but I do not want to become a psychopath. I was once active in caring about the environment, but not so much anymore. I ask myself how can I care about something that is a component of a dream?

As I begin to grasp the concept of consciousness as an illusion created in the conscious mind as an assembly of temporal particles existing only to precipitate into this physical reality within infinite levels and dimensions. Why should I care what happens to me or anything at all? There is at least a positive component in regards to my detachment. I may not care much, but I know that it is what it is for that moment and I can step back and see it that way. At those times I am completely lucid and upon that realization I become a part of the audience observing this reality from a new and different venue. There seems to be structure in the chaos. It is a lot like being in the zone or flow of life, and because of this I am more inclined to go along for the ride...

I am deeply in awe of this new paradigm and there is still a component of admiration and respect for everything that exists within consciousness. I may have to anchor myself with this thought for the time being. But, there is the usual hustle and bustle of everyone else around me trapped in their materialistic world view that I just can't be bothered with (not always a good experience). I am experiencing tremors that are rocking the foundation of my frame of reference forcing me to release long held concepts I used to make sense of my old view of this reality. There is emotional pressure I can feel, but I cannot sense where that pressure originates. Interesting indeed...

What is another word that could describe a waking dream? Within our social and cultural context dreams are defined as fantasies, hallucinations, trances, dazes, hazes and stupors. I cannot find a word within the English language that best describes this new reality. Simulation or virtual describe something made up and something real is confined to the materialistic philosophy and tangibility (not really a word). Interestingly there are a lot of words that we can use to describe our physical experience within this reality.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Where Is Here?


I was walking on the strand in Venice Beach California one day and there was this group of guys walking together and a couple of guys were yelling at another guy saying "Get out of here". The guy they were yelling at yelled back "Where is here?". When I heard his response I laughed, but it hit me harder than it should have. I still think about that interaction when I tell myself that I need to get out of here. So to this day I still ask myself 'where is 'here?'

Philosophically materialism would make 'here' a place in space/time. Since we are spinning, orbiting and flying through space materialism's reference to 'here' is constantly changing. When we talk about 'here' in the sense of locality we mostly infer that it is within our immediate environment. "The principal of locality states that an object is only directly influenced by its immediate surroundings" (straight out of wikipedia). Thus, locality is rooted in the philosophy of materialism.

Nonlocality is very different and there isn't an easy way to explain it, so I'll take the first paragraph from wikipedia and then describe what it means to me.

"In theoretical physics, quantum nonlocality is the phenomenon by which measurements made at a microscopic level contradict a collection of notions known as local realism that are regarded as intuitively true in classical mechanics. Rigorously, quantum nonlocality refers to quantum mechanical predictions of many-system measurement correlations that cannot be simulated by any local hidden variable theory. Many entangled quantum states exhibit such correlations, as demonstrated by Bell's theorem, and as verified by experiment."

Now lets throw in a little 'action at a distance', source Wikipedia.

"In physics, action at a distance is the concept that an object can be moved, changed, or otherwise affected without being physically touched (as in mechanical contact) by another object. That is, it is the nonlocal interaction of objects that are separated in space."

Nonlocality is a principle of quantum mechanics that does not fit the materialism philosophy within classical mechanics. Nonlocality makes things a bit more difficult to conceive. In classical mechanics there is a 'here' and a 'there' that follows the principal of locality. Nonlocality of quantum mechanics would infer that there is only 'here', the notion of 'there' is an illusion. I say this due to the ability of objects to be connected or entangled regardless of the vast distances that we perceive to exist.

So there is no 'there'. How can we be sure of this? We can by something called quantum entanglement.

"Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance – instead, a quantum state must be described for the system as a whole."
"Measurements of physical properties such as position, momentum, spin, and polarization, performed on entangled particles are found to be appropriately correlated. For example, if a pair of particles are generated in such a way that their total spin is known to be zero, and one particle is found to have clockwise spin on a certain axis, the spin of the other particle, measured on the same axis, will be found to be counterclockwise, as to be expected due to their entanglement. However, this behavior gives rise to paradoxical effects: any measurement of a property of a particle can be seen as acting on that particle (e.g., by collapsing a number of superposed states) and will change the original quantum property by some unknown amount; and in the case of entangled particles, such a measurement will be on the entangled system as a whole. It thus appears that one particle of an entangled pair "knows" what measurement has been performed on the other, and with what outcome, even though there is no known means for such information to be communicated between the particles, which at the time of measurement may be separated by arbitrarily large distances."

When physicists talk about entanglement they state that there are "spooky actions at a distance" meaning that they can take microscopic particles (atomic particles) from the same source and separate them then change one of the particles and observe an identical change in the particle's pair. The "knowing" aspect of the system that communicates with individuals implies a network of some kind or sharing of data, but this communication cannot be detected.

An enlightened being walks up to a food cart and orders a hotdog. The cook asks the enlightened one what he wants on the hotdog. The enlightened being says he will have 'one with everything'... It's an old joke, but I hope you get the point. As I have stated in other posts, I really did not know what the was meant by 'one with everything' or 'everything is one'.  Nonlocality infers that everything exists within a single point within consciousness.

There is no 'there', there is only 'here'. When we apply our known simulated or virtual reality concepts to our shared conscious reality we understand that when a simulated reality executes on a computer system the simulation simulates distance and it appears that there is a 'here' and a 'there', but in actuality there is only a single point where the simulation exists and that is within the CPU. No matter how vast the simulated reality seems it only actually exists in one single point.

Call of Doody

Now let's take it a bit further. Call of Duty is a first person shooter video game (please substitute any single player or multiplayer action game if needed). The game simulates tactical war scenarios and the simulation is viewed through the eyes of the person playing the game (I am not too familiar with the game, I do not play video games, so I will speculate concerning single player and multi-player concepts). If the game is played in single player mode (player vs. computer) the simulated environment and characters exist on a single point on the game console or desktop computer. If the game is played in multi-player mode then where does the game execute? I will state (speculatively) that the game is probably still simulated on each of the payers desktop or console, but receives data from other connected devices to create a multi-player environment. So actions taken by one player effect other players as well concerning position, health, etc. And, instead of all players viewing the same scenes they are able to view the connected environment from their individual perspectives.

The environment of the game is vast. As a player you can get in a helicopter (maybe) and fly to another location. You can run from one location to the next and even climb or descend. You can talk to other players in multi-player mode opening a door for establishing relationships. You are capable of visually experiencing space. Aside from the physical sensations it is essentially very similar to this shared conscious dream of a reality we are now experiencing, but instead of the simulation (dream) executing on a console it executes in our brain via the conscious mind (subconscious and unconscious as well). What allows us to share the same experiences and environments (one of many levels and dimensions) is that we are connected to the whole of consciousness via our brain.

The brain is a transmitter and receiver much like a game console in a video game. We know this because electrical impulses within the brain can be measured and we can view regions of the brain with an MRI to see neurons firing. The brain transmitting information is easily measured and we can induce electrical signals to influence brain activity with CES (cranial electro stimulation) devices. I actually have a past post that shows how to construct a crude CES device using a home stereo amplifier (20-20kHz frequency response).

So we are all connected transmitting and receiving information at the macro level via our brainwaves and also connected at the micro level due to certain aspects of quantum entanglement. Currently we exist in a technologically diverse environment that allows us to share information. If we examine the past we can see that the sharing of information over vast distances has occurred without really knowing how this happened. I believe that common belief systems were created based upon information received from the whole of consciousness. The knowing that has always existed at all levels of consciousness as described by quantum entanglement facilitates the transfer of information. Please understand that all information is subject to interpretation. Just because the same information can be disseminated it does not mean that the information will be interpreted and manifested in the same manner by those that receive it.

You're Living In A Dreamworld

We are born and become conscious of this reality (or another reality or level) and we have experiences within the reality that forms our frame of reference. When we are unconscious during rest we create and perceive a reality using the frame of reference from our conscious reality. Since we are social beings we have experiences with others that are stored in the memory that constructs our frame of reference. Every experience we have in our conscious reality affects us and others around us contained within a single point of consciousness interpreted and perceived in our mind.

Think of it as being born and having a virtual reality headset put on your head immediately after birth, sort of like the film "The Matrix", but without all the other holes and pod. Your visual and audio experiences are all that you know and everything you experience through this virtual world contributes to building your frame of reference. Lets say that the virtual reality is from the late 80s so everything and everyone looks like Max Headroom or the Dire Straights music video "Money For Nothing".

Max Headroom via Wikipedia...
Your reality will be based upon the memories within your frame of reference. But because you have a brain and that brain is transmitting and receiving information from the whole of consciousness, as well as the other senses that you experience from your body, you begin to sense that there maybe something amiss.

In the book Simulacra and Simulations Jean Baudrillard writes about a not so favorite place of mine called Disneyland. Disneyland is a hyper (pseudo, para or fake) reality that exists to give us a sense, or allows us to compare a hyper real environment to our everyday reality. So, when we visit Disneyland we can experience things that we cannot experience in our rather mundane everyday reality. Disneyland allows us to separate fantasy from reality. The same can be said about Las Vegas. People go to these hyper real environments so that there is an alternate reality that allows them to compare and substantiate their individual concept of what is reality.

Video games and virtual reality hardware and software fall under the same hyper real category as they allow us to experience a reality that would otherwise not exist in our conscious environment. We are capable of plugging into, traveling to other environments, but we cannot unplug from this one. Or can we?

One particular question I tend to ask myself on a daily basis is, why here? Or, why am I here? I'm not the only one asking this question, but right now I am not pondering purpose. I am pondering location within the dream. I think to some extent there are a lot of people doing the same. If that was not true then why do we have places like Disneyland and Las Vegas and video games like World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and others? Why do we have religion? I think they exist because we know that this shared reality is an illusion. If we do not know it outright it exists within the confines of our true self. Although we willingly participate and accept this reality, there is a degree of dissatisfaction and emptiness that cannot be fulfilled. So in the current construct of materialism we attempt to fill that void with materials, emotions, people, dogma, and anything else that may serve as a means of gaining satisfaction or fulfillment. We do so because we believe that there is nothing else. So, we do what we can ultimately ensuring that the illusion is maintained.

So let's go back to the child with the virtual reality headset and because we are in a dream world governed by concepts of nonlocality 18 years have passed (not difficult to accept considering my long worded explanations). By this time the child has formed a visual and audio frame of reference based upon a virtual reality environment based upon 1980s concepts of artificial intelligence. The 18 year old has developed as any average 18 year old might without the VR headset. Now we are going to get a little mean and take the VR headset off. What does the person see? Can the brain of the person interpret the visual data collected by his/her eyes? It is safe to say that if the person could see the world it would be a very strange environment. The most important questions I have, is whether the person would be able to function psychologically as s/he attempts to adjust to this new reality? Would s/he accept the new reality?

Me, me, me...

Dreams are an important aspect of our human experience. Dreams are constantly trying to reveal to us the nature of our reality. The abilities we have during resting unconscious dream states are the same abilities we have in our conscious dream states. Nonlocality exists in our unconscious dreams because it exists as the foundation of our shard conscious reality. We do not have to worry about the psychological impact of awakening to our true self because we are being prepped for that awakening each time we sleep and dream.

I have awaken from a dream world and enter another when I returned from the void. I experienced periods of drifting into unconsciousness and returning to consciousness in my apartment. I now believe that this is what death is, or may be like. Moving from one dream world to the next, I may have unknowingly done this many times during my life because I have been somewhat reckless. My excursion into the void may have been the only time that I was able to remember most of the conscious parts of the journey. My struggle to reassemble my ability to speak and understand what words meant or how to form them remains the most significant experience after returning from an unconscious state.

The experiences that I have had after returning from the void and currently have continue to reinforce my belief that this reality is a dream. I am approaching my 18th year after exiting the void. It has taken this long for me to create and understanding of what had happened. I have survived those antagonists that participated in my re-indoctrination to this false reality and when I refused to accept it they attempted to place me in a permanent state of psychosis.

I now go out into the world and everything is viewed with a brand new perspective. Urban environments are an embodiment of the illusion of the dream world. The natural world reaches out and invites me take a closer look. Consciousness is constantly sending me information to aid in the expansion of my conscious interpretation. The progression has been slow, but now it is quickening its pace. Nothing can stop me now, not even death...

Next time, I'll continue with the non-local aspects of this dream world and my experiences with those that have mastered consciousness within this dream realm called reality.

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Monday, September 5, 2016

My Technicolored Multifaceted Reality

As I spend far too much time thinking about this it seems that instead of thinking that this reality is simulated why not think that this reality is what it is. We can state that we are living in a simulation or simply state that our reality is similar to a computer simulation.

In most computer simulations there are rules and these rules allow the entities within the simulation to function in a predetermined manner. In order for the computer simulation to allow the entities to do something different the rules in the simulation need to change or be altered by whomever controls the simulation. Within our reality, that behaves much like our perceived concepts of a simulated or virtual reality, we are actively involved in how the reality behaves. It is as if every moment our conscious reality is manifesting a reality based upon our thoughts, expectations and actions.

So is this new notion of a simulation is just another step in our evolution. Are we capable of seeing our reality as virtual now because of our current technology much like how the telescope changed the way in which we viewed our solar system? We have been taking baby steps throughout our evolution simply because we adhere to concepts that prevent us from creating a better reality. If we believe we are not creators then we must believe that someone or something is creating it for us. So we must then wait for someone or something to change the rules, save us, or whatever. How much longer should we wait?

We are actively determining how we shape our reality. So why are we not all getting what we want? We are in a way? And in some other ways we are not. Why? How do we make the shift to create a reality that is without suffering?

I'm not waiting for someone to come save me. I have wanted out for a very long time and I think I have tried a lot of things to get me where I want to be. In my reality I have run into some obstacles. These nefarious individuals and organizations that I mention in this blog are preventing me from realizing the true nature of this reality, or just my current reality. Why? Still no answer. But, as I continue to push myself to view my reality in terms of idealistic view rather than a materialistic view I am starting to see changes occur at a level that was not possible before. The most interesting aspect of shifting your perceptions is that consciousness finds a way to accommodate.

Note: What started out to be a single post has spawned far too many sections to be posted at once.
So I have broken the original post into individual sections and will post them when they are ready. Hopefully I can convey my thoughts and ideas in a comprehensive manner in as few words as possible...

Idealism vs. Materialism

The debate concerning the nature of our reality has been well documented in Greek philosophy and possibly beyond the recorded history of the west. Greeks noted that the world was made up of atoms (An Atom, now understood as, roughly 10-8 cm in diameter, consists of a tiny, dense, positively charged nucleus made of neutrons and protons, surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons.) and used this idea to help describe our physical natural world. An opposing view noted that our physical world was not comprised of atoms but comprised of thoughts or abstract approximations of the mind.

Materialism (Democritus) supports the notion that our reality is based upon solid matter composed of atoms, a tangible physical reality that can be experienced by our limited human senses that happen in the human brain. Idealism (Plato) supports that there is no physical tangible world outside of our conscious perceptions that are occurring in the human conscious mind; abstract mental perceptions determine an object's perceived properties.

Plato noted that ideas, abstract mental perceptions, are the basis for our reality and that those ideas are products of consciousness. Everything begins with the whole of consciousness and the human conscious mind is what is allowing us to experience our perceived physical reality. Dreaming is a similar experience where the mind creates a physical experience during sleep where creation and perception are happening almost simultaneously. This helps to support my ideal that the conscious mind is an interface allowing us to connect to the whole of consciousness or our shared conscious reality.

Mind gives rise to matter or matter gives rise to mind. Modern physics has carried on this debate with prominent physicists like Albert Einstein supporting materialism and Niels Bohr supporting idealism (Quantum Theory); (simplified naming of physicists engaging in the debate noted). Materialism is most widely supported in modern science today and is the foundation of modern science. While both men were unable to prove scientifically their theories in their lifetimes, Albert Einstein may have struggled to a greater degree since his materialistic views supported the better accepted view of materialism that he could not prove completely (unified field theory). Although humanity seems rooted in the materialism world view with some still supporting idealism it must be stated that both cannot exist; it's either one or the other.

Note: Some of my earlier posts concern some new directions presented by Physicist Nassim Haramein and I have not revisited much of what I have written to date and will try and do so in the future. Haramein's work allowed me to look in new directions and influenced me in this linear progression to my present perceptions.

Double Slit Experiment

Although this reality is rooted in the concept of materialism, there is one specific scientific experiment that has kept the philosophy of Idealism alive and kicking for some time. This experiment delivered results scientists were not able to explain scientifically. Since the 1800s (Young's Experiment) to present the double slit experiment caused problems in the classical materialist view of physical science. Is light a particle or wave? Below are some very good videos from the Youtube community that can better explain some of the quantum carzyness that is giving rise to support idealism's simulations, virtual realities and dream worlds...

It is a wave.

It is a particle.

Enter the "Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment"

So conscious observation is influencing the results of the experiment. When you are looking they are particles when not looking they are waves. Simply deciding whether the experiment will be observed or not determines the prior state of the electrons even before the experiment is run. The results of the experiments are being determined ahead of time depending on the choice of the observer prior to running the experiment (WTF? moment).

Waves are potential states within reality until we are engaged into the act of conscious observation and then they snap into a physical (particular) form. This would indicate that all things exist as waves of potentiality that have snapped or coalesced in a particular form with specific properties. What else does this? The tricky part is that we are able to see (create an image of external stimulus using the frame of reference of images in our memory) by reflected light. If protons are able to change from a wave to a particle then what are we actually seeing? The actual particle or the perception of what the particle represents in our mind?

These properties exist in a catalogue in our mind based upon learned experiences. Where did all this information within the catalogue come from? Who created the world as we know it? Did you, or did I? I cannot remember wanting to create a world with so much suffering. I cannot remember conceiving a world with such a level of complexity. So who did?

Clearly we have all undergone some sort of indoctrination based upon acceptable social and cultural beliefs. There is a system that exists and we all understand what is needed to participate and understand the purpose of the system. So what is the purpose of our existence? Birth, school, work, death is the current paradigm rooted in materialism, but it is far from the purpose that would exist if we adopt the concept of idealism.

As I sat in my apartment in Hawaii while under the constant attack from energy weapons, I would have these conversations with other people or beings (???). I remember one conversation where a woman stated that there were people that had a lot to lose if I continued my fight. Those people have let me know their displeasure with my current direction. There is far more to life than we are being allowed to experience. Expansion of the mind via psychedelics have been outlawed. We are living in the land of the lotus eaters inundated by thoughts and actions that push us to continue the materialistic worldview.  

Belief systems confine us to a single version or reality. The waves of possibilities are hidden from our infinitely possible potential states of existence. If we were given the opportunity, or responsibility, to create our reality would we choose to recreate our current human condition? It is apparent that we not satisfied with the current human condition and we yearn for change, for a better world. Paradigm shifts occur all the time and yet we always end up "here"? We are shifting through minor levels of conscious states all the time. Time to shatter the illusion of materialism. Time to shift the current paradigm a lot further.

Next time, I'll take a look a nonlocality.

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