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My Big Experiment

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Updated 07.20.13 - Get out the aluminum foil hats for this one... As strange and insane as this may seem, it has worked for me. It saddens me that I have to post this material because of what people like myself are experiencing. I truly hopes this helps other victims of this insane targeting of individuals.

I have made a interesting discovery and have been able to reset my fight or flight mindset that was stimulated by the electromagnetic radiation I speak of here on this blog. I was influenced by another targeted individual that posted a cure for mind control. He spoke of using electrical frequency and this info lead me to remember that I once constructed and used a Hulda Clark (also Bob Beck) type zapper in the past for parasite control and prevention and also as a CES device.


I understood that the human body (and the environment in which we live) is inhabited by parasites and bacteria (beneficial and detrimental). These organisms outnumber all other organisms on this planet. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract is essential to health and wellbeing. Just taking in probiotics is not the complete solution, we must learn to feed the beneficial bacteria with soluble fiber, such as chia seeds, so that the bacteria can consume the fiber and excrete essential chemicals needed by the body.

Imbalances, such as dysentery, in the gastrointestinal tract can cause illness and or death. Most of the illnesses that occur have something to do with microorganisms like bacteria, parasites or the submicroscopic invaders known as viruses. If you are looking for nanobots, look no farther than bacteria and viruses. Bacteria and viruses are living organisms that are capable of altering DNA (Monsanto uses the e coli bacterial strain to create GMO foods). Science is capable of modifying existing bacteria and also creating new strains of bacteria for medical and industrial purposes.

Candidiasis is an overgrowth of yeast (bacterial used to make bread rise and the production of alcohol) that is at epidemic levels. The candida species has been shown to exhibit the behavior of bacteria and a fungus. Some state that the creation of certain yeast strains for industrial bread making processes (fast rising yeast) were responsible for the invasive nature of the strain, as well as mutation cause by the overuse of antibiotics. Current remedy for Candidiasis is the use of the yeast consuming enzyme cellulase, as well as, other systemic enzymes such as serrapeptase (silk worm enzyme).

Mind control? I often hear of different kinds of technology that is purported to be responsible for controlling individuals and the populace in general. The oldest known type of behavioral control has always come from nature itself. Microorganisms are capable or altering the behavior of the host in order to benefit the microorganism. Parasites can modify the behavior of an insect host so that it can complete its life cycle. Candidiasis causes the host to consume more sugar and wheat. Does candidiasis alter the sexual behavior of the host in order for the candida to be transferred to another host via kissing, intercourse and oral sex?

In my ebook I wrote about an experiment using my etheric energy device and a battery operated fluorescent (low pressure mercury vapor as in CFLs) black (ultraviolet) light . The energy created by the device and light promoted detrimental bacterial growth in my body. The onset was so rapid that I started to develop inflammatory type infections overnight.

Upon my arrival in Hawaii's tropical environment I experienced a increase in symptoms cause by Candidiasis that did not subside until I returned to California. It makes me wonder if the perps are using EM radiation to promote and propagate a certain strain of microorganisms to subjugate the population (pure conjecture). The medical profession is a booming industry in the USA. This is not a sign of prosperity, this is a sign of a sick populace. I encounter more of the Nameless in hospitals than any other profession.

Beneficial Frequencies

I have always been interested in alternative methods concerning physical and mental health. Differing frequency of sound and light (color filtering and flashing) have been used throughout human history as medicine and to bring about altered states. Meditation bowls, chanting, drums, Mozart effect, binaural beats, Rife frequencies, CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation device), audio visual entrainment, biofeedback and others deal with altering physical biology and mental states through entrainment or direct stimulation. I also understood that ascension or achieving higher states of consciousness was dependent upon the overall health of the physical body. I have used the above mentioned techniques to increase my health and wellbeing throughout my life.

There is only one manner in which consciousness can be described, and that is vibrational frequency. Within the construct of consciousness everything has a vibrational frequency. At the core of the known atomic particle is a spinning, moving, vibrating group of charged particles called electrons. The frequency of the vibration defines the object. If you change the frequency you can change the object.

It has been shown that water, made up of two very powerful elements - hydrogen and water, can be altered by vibrational frequency. I use my etheric energy device along with a Rodin coil to alter the properties of my drinking water. Water is vital for almost all life on this planet, yet we treat it with a great amount of disregard and disrespect.

I built my own zapper using the widely distributed electrical schematic. I used the zapper tech to control bacteria and parasites as well as using the device for CES. I later found an article that provided instructions on the use of home audio equipment and computer to create similar effects of the zapper and CES. Since my desktop was already connected to my home stereo, I was able to start using the equipment without too much preparation.

While in Hawaii, I was using a 12v power supply powering and auto audio amplifier as a zapper and CES. The power supply mysteriously stopped working shortly before the more overt attacks began (I suspect that the equipment was sabotaged as was a net security cam).

I recently set up a spare home audio amplifier to do the same thing and almost overnight the fear and paranoid thoughts within my mind stopped. I have also begun using 3/8 x 1/8 (originally posted wrong size) neodymium magnets (north pole facing body - small compass's south pole will point to north side of magnet) to protect my brain from the microwave EM radiation much like the earth's magnetic field deflects the sun's radiation. The magnets are connected to a baseball cap and discretely work to protect the brain from EM weapons and other mind control tech.

During the writing of this post the EM radiation has increased notably. I was not wearing the magnets and I could feel the heavy headed effects of the EM radiation. After putting on the magnet cap could feel the effects slowly diminish (placebo effect?). My body still suffers from the increase in radiation, but this has only been temporary.

Audio Amp CES/Zapper

Here is a simplified home made version of a CES device. It can also be used as a Hulda Clark zapper that can offer 20-20K Hz electrical signal, or a Bob Beck pulser (with the appropriate audio signal).

This technique is/was available on the web (I cannot seem to find any links at this time?). The audio amplifier is used to strengthen the signal from an audio source such as a computer or iPod like music device. The audio signal can be generated using available free programs like Audio Toolbox (Mac), Audacity (open source MAc, PC, Linux) or other PC and smartphone audio signal generator software software.

For the purposes of regaining a positive state of mind, you are essentially creating a CES device. CES devices are used by modern physicians to treat anxiety and depression and have been scientifically proven to be effective. This homemade CES is not like the high voltages used in Electroconvulsive Therapy (electroshock) between the 100 to 450 volt range. Voltage output from an audio amplifier speaker output are not sufficient to cause harm, but caution should used nonetheless. Avoid touching the amplifier cabinet or housing when holding an electrodes.

I know this all sounds a little sketchy for those that are not familiar with audio equipment, but consider that there are millions of audio amps being used throughout the world with very little harm to those that install them and use them. Micro-voltages are used in CES devices so there is not need to crank up the power to receive the benefits.


Electrodes are connected to one of the speaker leads. In the image above the wires are connected to the left or right speaker output. The balance on the amp is adjusted to maximize signal output to whatever side is chosen. This is done to protect the channel that is not being used. A speaker can be connected to the other speaker output and the balance adjusted so that you can hear the signal during use.

The above image shows the parts used to create the electrodes I use in the therapy. I have displayed two versions. The one on the right is the version I use with PVC insulators. The version on the left is a simplified version using a dry paper towel or cloth as an insulator. The PVC insulators require a little more work to cut to size and the PVC coupler has been modified to remove the plastic lip that stops the pipe from sliding past the midpoint of the PVC coupler.

Parts used: One audio amplifier at least 20 watts per channel. Two 4-3/4 copper tubes with an 7/8 outside diameter bought a the local hardware store, plumbing supplies. Two copper end caps 7/8 inside diameter (standard in the US). One set of alligator clips, about 12 feet of speaker wires cut into two six foot sections (you want enough length to be able to move freely, too short and you'll be constrained), paper towels, a rubber band, one RCA to mini stereo cable long enough to reach your computer (Radio Shack). My version includes a PVC light schedule 1 inch diameter pipe and two 1 inch couplers.

The above image shows the electrodes ready for use. The top is the simplified version and my version is at the bottom. The pen is used to help provide a sense of scale. The top version uses a small piece of paper towel doubled and folded to make a square and held in place with a rubber band. The dry paper towel insulator is wrapped around the length of the tube and insulates the current from traveling through your hand. The end caps are then wet with a salt water solution. The concentration of the saline solution can enhance or impair the electrical pathway from the electrodes. The paper towel insulator must remain dry.

The reason why I use a dry towel as an insulator instead of electrical tape is so that the copper tube can also be used for Hulda Clark style zapping. In this case the paper insulator is dampened with the salt solution and the tubes are held in the hands (one in each hand) and the current travels through the hands.

Critics claim that the electrical current will only flow on the outside of the body over the skin. I believe that it is not the electricity that is the component of the benefits. I believe that the audio signal frequency causes a change (entrainment) in the blood and tissue. In a sense you are turning the body into a speaker and altering the vibrational frequency of the body. Certain frequencies are detrimental to harmful bacteria and parasites (I try to get them all with an audio signal sweep generator). The human body's natural frequency (Schuman Frequency 7.5 Hz Earth frequency) has been altered by pervasive EM fields in our modern environment. This device is only capable of providing 20 to 20000 Hz. A 7.5 Hz frequency is not normally generated by an audio amp because it is well below the human hearing threshold.

Ensure that the audio amp is powered off and turn volume all the way down. Assemble your alligator clips to the wires and connect to the speaker output left or right. Do not connect the left and right positive and negative outputs together, this will burn out the amp's audio channel. Use either left or the right, not both. Set up your electrodes (for CES or zapping) and connect them to the wires with the alligator clips. 

Audio Amp speaker output terminals

Connect the RCAto mini stereo cable to your amp's CD or AUX input. The mini stereo plug is then connected to your computer or portable audio device. 

RCA to Minin Stereo Cable

Start your audio signal program on your computer and generate the signal (528Hz solfeggio or an number of beneficial frequencies available on the net - experiment to see what works best for you).

The image above shows the frequency using Audio Toolbox on my Mac. I open the sweep window and set the start frequency at 0 and the end frequency at 20000. The main window is not used at this time.

Select the left or right channel.

Set the "Sweep Rate" at whatever the rate you want. Using 1 will create a very slow sweep and generate every whole frequency in the sweep (.5 or .05 could also be used). If set to 100Hz the next frequency signal the sweep will produce is 200Hz and then 300Hz and so on in increments of 100.

Click on the "Free Running" button and it starts generating the signal. The signal will loop automatically.

If you want it to generate a single sweep then just click the "One Shot" button.

To generate a pulsed signal of the entire sweep then you would need to use a higher sweep rate of say 800 or more.

Audio Toolbox will allow you to create a file of the signal output so you can upload to an audio device or smartphone. Auidacity is a sound recorder and editor. You can generate several signals in the editor and playback the file on the computer or export an MP3, WAV or any other format for your audio player. Just set the audio player to repeat the sound file to prevent playing any other files. I do not know what will happen if one of Justin Bieber's songs started with the electrodes placed on your temples. ; )

Adjust the volume on the computer to about 50%. Power on the amp. Adjust the amp volume to 10% of full volume (start low). Place the wetted electrodes against your earlobes hold for the duration of the treatment 3-5 minutes. If you need to increase the output do so in small increments. Depending on the watt rating on your amp you could feel something similar to touching a 9 volt battery to your tongue. 100 watt rated amps can deliver enough voltage to contract muscles in the neck. Go about this with caution until you familiarize yourself with the equipment and their settings.

The wetted electrode end caps are held to the earlobes or bony part of the skull just behind the ears (temples or other places on the head and neck can be also be used). The volume of the amp and or audio device controls the amount of watts output to the electrodes. You could adjust the volume of the amp to where you just start to feel the electrical signal, but any small amount of electricity is sufficient to produce the effects.

When you use a sweeping signal the strength of the electrical signal from the amp will change as the sweep moves to higher frequencies. 100Hz will be relatively low voltage compared to 5000Hz. If you adjust the volume to feel a little tingle at 100Hz the tingle will get more intense as the sweep continues to higher frequencies.

There are many lists of therapeutic frequencies that can be used on the internet. After using the home made CES I started to feel more positive and the looping negativity, fear and paranoia stopped. It felt like I turned off whatever seemed to be stuck on or overstimulated. I believe that I reset a part of the brain responsible for this annoying negativity.

The therapy must not be overdone. 5-10 minutes is sufficient, once a day until the negativity subsides. You may feel a little head heavy, but that will subside. I waited a week after the first treatment and then used the therapy again. I cannot truley describe just how great I feel.

This information is for personal experimentation only. Please leave comments of your own experiences. I would like to know if this works on others, and if so this info can change a TI's life for the better. The gang stalking perps have faded into the distant background of my life. I wake up happy and filled with contentment. It has been a few weeks since this discovery. I waited to see if it was just a fluke, but so far it has continued to be effective.

Remember that this is not the only remedy. Diet, exercise, meditation can aid in improving your health and wellbeing. Do't allow the perpetrators to confine you to your home. Get out and defy them.

Here is a parting shot of my magnetic cap (I am using a well worn beani instead of a baseball cap right now). I use two magnets to clamp them to the cap (one inside and one outside) for a total of ten locations on the cap (20 magnets total size 3/8 x 1/8 neodymium disks). When the EM radiation is directed at me I put on the cap and go about my business. Larger magnets are not necessarily better. You do not want to disrupt your natural brainwave activity, you just want to shield it from those cowardly perpetrators operating their weapons from some dark corner of this reality.

Thank you for your patience in reading this post.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Who is Elisa Lam?

The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

I came across this video from a Targeted Individual Facebook group. Most of the attacks I describe on this site and in my ebook are mentioned in this video. There seems to be a lot of people being experimented on and controlled with weapons and a means of influencing the thoughts of people with microwave technology.

The above video has offered proof that what I have been experiencing is not a result of my lack of sanity. What I have endured and still endure is a real effort to silence what I have discovered. Even though I remained silent for a bout a year the microwave electromagnetic radiation did not. During that year, I continued to experiment with methods to increase my bioelectric and spiritual energy and they ensured that anything I did to raise my energy levels they countered with these weapons.

For me there is still unanswered questions I have concerning those I refer to as the Nameless. They seem to be at the center of this in my experiences. My relationship with these people is tangled. I recently stumbled across a few of them and in response to this they sent another stalking perp with a handler to try and scare me again. These are the same people I can sense when they are near me. They can sense me also, and often try to run off while hiding their face from me. What happens to them when I see their face? It is a strange aspect of my experiences. It seems like I am able to expose them, but to whom?

A lot of this is beginning to unravel for myself and others. When I hear the testimonials of victims I shutter in recognition of what they have to endure. I recall my own experiences and the hell they put me through, but what saddens me the most is that there is a group of people willing to do this to another person. There is someone (something) sitting at the controls and aiming a microwave weapon at them to torture them and to control them. Considering the amount of people reporting some kind of control or torture there must be thousands of people operating this technology. Who would do such a thing? Who would work at a job that tortures people on a daily basis? I never thought that it would be possible for a human being to do such a thing to another human being. The thought sickens me. What state of mind must a person be in to participate in torturing targeted individuals? A very sick mind...

One characteristic I have noticed. Whenever I had been mistaken by one of the minions of the Nameless, to be one of the Nameless, they have offered to help me. I have been helped in stores by people that did not work at the store. It was as if I they were programmed to respond. Women have stood next to me with their heads slightly lowered waiting subserviently to be acknowledged by me. I have run into many store cashiers that had suddenly become strangely confused and disoriented when I am purchasing goods. It makes me wonder if these people are mind controlled slaves for the Nameless. I have often hinted at this sort of thing, but the above evidence presented in the video might be used to create these mindless slaves. This is even a bit too much for even me to want to believe.

I have faith that this sort of thing cannot continue. I believe that consciousness cannot sustain such evil and unchecked malevolence. Karma is a law of consciousness that cannot be ignored or avoided. It is the force of karma that has allowed this information to be disseminated and once more people become aware of this the more these people and their organization will be revealed. Once it is out in the open the people of the world no longer allow it, and better yet consciousness will not be able to sustain such evil.

Watch the video (there are two parts) and visit the site. Tell other people about this strange thing called targeted individuals and gang stalking. Help us spread the word about this tragic era of torture and mind control we have entered unknowingly.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Email Account Access Problems

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Daily Journal

I have been experiencing problems accessing my email associated with Please use this forum to contact me. Even the comments on this blog can be deleted by my gang stalking friends. Please be patient and persistent. Will turn off moderation so comments will post immediately.

I will find other means of being contacted. I will join other forums and start posting conversations here. Let's find out what they are capable of, shall we. 

Not just casual stalking going on with me. Seems like the have some technical assistance from some crafty hackers. 

Stay tuned...

If all activity from me ends, the they won. I'll be helping from the other side. Stay strong. 

Gang Stalking

The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

Now how about that. There is a term for what I have been experiencing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Herr A from Germany. A special thanks to Carissa Conti for her site and insight into this phenomena.

Now I know how to handle this. You cannot imagine what a relief this is for me. To know that there are many others that are dealing with this sort of thing. This actually gives me purpose. I now know I can beat this. I now know I can beat them. Let the games resume you poor pathetic little parasites. Like I told you last night, I will find you...


What the fuck do they believe they are doing. I am both angered and elated. Whatever is controlling this is feeding off of our fears. Lately I have been in control of my fears and the Nameless have had difficulty controlling me. If you feel no fear and essentially ignore them as well as show them courtesy and send them love they will have a look of defeat upon their face.

I just subscribed to the subreddit /r/Targetedindividuals now seven readers strong (LOL). Here are some other links to this phenom:

Just a few from a long list of sites.

What About The Rest?

I have had some other experiences that cannot be explained by Gang Stalking. The Nameless or ascended beings and their abilities to read the minds of others as well as the ability to cause a heart attacks as with, my assumption of, Rosie O'Donnel's close encounter with one of the Nameless (Also my theory that Steve Jobs was also a victim of the Nameless and their stalkers - Steve was standing in the way of the NSA PRISM program). And of course the Nameless hiding their faces from me, as well as leaving an area I enter. It seems that I have something they fear in me. And what about the etheric energy device I use to replenish the life force they sap from me on a daily basis. We'll figure all of this out in time.

I am a witness of consciousness. I asked for help and assistance and consciousness delivered. I cannot convey in words how I feel and the appreciation of those that have helped me since it all began in 2011.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Forgive them for they do not know what they do"

The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

This is might be a valid reason for all that I am experiencing. I will have to take a look at what Carissa Conti has to say about my experiences and possibly be prepared for what might still be coming.

I have asked for guidance and it seems to have arrived. I did not expect it in this form and noting the date of Herr A's comment it was presented to me almost a year ago. Obviously, I was not ready to hear nor heed its message. I will do some reading and research to see if this is what I am experiencing.

What lead to this has been noted in my Daily Journal. The strange and menacing behavior may be explained by the above comment. The character of these people are animated similar to a cartoon charter. Possession? I don't know if I am now influenced by the comment, but it kind of makes sense.

More on this on the next post...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Magicians, Deities and Consciousness

Call of Duty
The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

Landing a helicopter in the early 1800s to talk to and help the citizenry with the knowledge and technology of our time would seem magical or downright godly.

The first time the Nameless used their technology on me I thought I was dying. They used their technology on me on a canyon road in Topanga CA. possibly hoping I would pass out and veer off of the steep clifs on that road. It happened again and after I made it home safely I made a farewell video for my then wife and family. The two instances caused me to think I was having a heart attack. Interesting since I was running from Topanga to Pacific Palisades on the trails of the Topanga Wildlife Preserve at least three times a week. I needed to be pretty fit to run the hills on those trails.

The next time I was hit by their E.M. beam I was in Hawaii. It was the climax of my escalating relationship with these people or beings. I remembered how the first two attacks felt and I knew I wasn't  having a heart attack, I knew they were doing it to me. On the day of a series of attacks I was telling them to fuck off and goading them to try and take me down. I moved from room to room trying to avoid the beam. I could feel the energy dissipate when I left one room and then build as it tracked me into another room in my apartment. I did not leave the apartment because I was afraid that I would lose consciousness in the hallway or elevator. The prospect that they might have been waiting on me to leave was also heavy on my mind. I ended the first evening wrapped in wet towels in the middle of my apartment in the fetal position. 

The next night it started again. Not knowing what was happening I began to apologized and begged for them to forgive me. I thought that some kind of UFO or aircraft from some powerful alien race was punishing me.I thought their ship was hovering above the apartment targeting me with another barrage from their death ray, Gods sent to claim my soul. As the attacks continued I was able to fend them off with aluminum foil and then a hastily and loosely constructed Faraday cage out of cardboard and foil grounded to the plumbing under the kitchen sink. I started to be able to discern where the beams originated from as the altered the position of the weapon to exploit the weakness of the faraday cage. Most of the remainder of the attacks where from a building adjacent to my apartment building and from the apartments above and below my own. Needless to say that what I once thought were Gods were just the acts of petty humans. The great Wizard of Oz was revealed to be a group of people living, or stationed, at my apartment complex. The journal of those attacks is located at the end of my ebook.

The last time they used their weapon on me while driving I pulled off the highway and moved amoung other drivers in close proximity. A few hazardous maneuvers placed me back on the highway without feeling the weapon again. I knew that the weapon was being used from one of the vehicles near me. It wasn't from an aircraft of any kind. They continue to use the weapon on my at my current residence, but since I am aware of them and their tactics it no longer frightens me. I know that they do so because I have reached a level of energy or life force that allows me to ascend to a higher state of consciousness. I know they just want to put me back in my place.

Today they resumed the attacks, but they were not as effective as they hoped. The EM field can be felt, but it is not as debilitating as it once was. I do not know if I am becoming immune or if I am being protected by some other source, but today was mild compared to the others. I went to the office of my appointment and the minions were just leaving, as they always do, casting a glance in my direction with the look of disdain and defeat.

It is not magic. It is not godly. It is not the behavior of some ascended being from another world. It is the behavior of humans that have acquired technology and use it to subjugate others to maintain power and control over others. It is the same behavior we have seen time and time again throughout our history. It is an unfortunate characteristic of people that have lost their sense of humanity and their respect for themselves and others. They do so without conscience and it can nolonger be tolerated by consciousness as a whole. Petty humans need to leave the magic to the real gods.


Is there such a thing? If someone was able to levitate or move over vast distances with a thought, would that be magical? Are we capable of such things? I have a feeling that we have always possessed these abilities, but they have been purposely hidden from us at this level of consciousness. Could you imagine this reality full of people floating around and poping from place to place. Supernatural abilities in the hands of a populace with our kind of maturity would be interesting to say the least. Should these abilities be purposefully hidden or obfuscated.

Are we not capable learning to use these abilities as any other ability. What about the simple act of walking. We did not just spring to our feet straight out of the womb. We learned to do so over time, both as a species (if you believe in evolution) and during our lives. Are we not capable of learning to use and respect our known and unknown abilities as we evolve and progress? Is this the reason why we are here in this realm? Are we too primitive to handle these so called supernatural talents that the Nameless use to exploit us on a daily basis?

Magic is just a word that describes things we are not capable of understanding or have not yet been able to understand. Consciousness is mysterious and magical because we are unable to interpret what consciousness itself is showing us. Consciousness uses this to invite us to take a closer look so that we may discover all it has to offer. Science has discovered the quantum weirdness of the universe. Things that do not make sense are usually written off or made out to be some sort of universal constant with some mathematical value. It may just turn out to be that consciousness cannot be explained with numbers and formulas, it may turn out to be far to dynamic and intrinsic to consciousness itself to warrant an explanation.

I have been reminded of Carlos Casteneda. His work has been dismissed as fiction. Much like my story has been dismissed as delusion. The greatest story ever told has garnered millions of followers. Why has it been so easy to believe in a story about magical events that had happened thousands of years ago but when someone talks about the experience of some magical or supernatural events in their life they are simply explained away as an act of God or dissmissed as lies or delusions? We have been conditioned to react this way. We have forgotten to look for the mystery in life. We have lost contact with consciousness and the magic and wonder held therein. Consciousness is trying to get our attention to the all the wonder, mystery and magic that it is willing to provide us. All we have to do is break from our inherited delusions. The easiest way to do this is with psychedelics. Psychedelics are an important part of our consciousness or they would not exist within it.

My Waking Dream

The Nameless are beginning to be more overt. They are antagonizing and provoking me. Standing in front of my home (female Mexican witches with their male handlers - they always come in pairs), driving slowly in front of me on my bike rides (typical minion thug), flipping me off on the highway (caucasian male in a blue BMW Z4), making faces at me when they drive by while I am riding my bike on congested roadways (goofy looking male of Asian descent). They are even sending their adolescent spawn out to provoke me (I have always wondered about the nature of the spawn of the Nameless and bullying in schools - as well as violent retaliation from others in events such as the infamous Columbine Massacre).

I no longer react because I view them the same as when I see them in my sleeping dreams. The menacing characters can do nothing if they are unable to incite a reaction. I am lucid in my waking dream and just view them, avoid them and laugh. This childish behavior is very odd, but it reveals that they are as petty as I have always stated. They have come to their wits end and the true nature of their character is coming to the fore; childish petty demons of myth and folklore. The oddity of our sleeping dreamworld is usually recognized just before we wake up. I am hoping that these odd experiences are an indication that I am close to my eventual awakening.

It may very well turn out to be that I am not insane, I am just starting to view this reality as the insanely delusional world it actually is. What does that say about an insane person that starts to view normal people as insane? The more I witness this kind of behavior the more contentment I find within my own conscious reality. This is truly a mind fuck...

NOTE: I must apologize for the hastily written entry riddled with errors and typos. I did not have time to reread the post at the time ts was posted. I hope that I have corrected most of the errors. Much is starting to happen. I try to post as soon as I experience them.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our Wireless World

2Gig Technologies

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Daily Journal

I mentioned in an earlier post that a new home security company has taken over the security at my current residence. I was not involved with the transaction. The company is named Security Networks and is based out of Florida. The company has a poor reputation and is somewhat of a predator. Their sales people comb the neighborhoods looking for ADT signs and then use pressure sales techniques and fear mongering to persuade the homeowner to sign up with their company. The salesperson sweetened the deal with security system accessories that were overpriced. One item was marked up 200%. The kicker is that the homeowner signed up for 60 months (5 years) and the contract renews automatically for another 5 years until it is canceled.

The new system that was installed is a cellular system. The system does no require a landline (hardline telco twisted pair). In the event of an alarm the system will contact the service provider via the cellular network. Since it was installed I did not notice any adverse symptoms from any of the components. Yesterday I did begin to feel a little strange (after the three day cancelation period ended). I started to have problems thinking when I was near the device. The light headed feeling was something that I experienced before. It took me some times to figure it out, but I remembered what had caused this before.

While I was in Hawaii I used a cellular internet provider that used a modem you could take anywhere. The company, I believe, is now called Clear. When I installed the modem at home I started to feel similar to what I am currently feeling, difficulty thinking, lightheaded, central nervous system stimulation (agitation). I had signed a contract for a year and kept the service for a year and the switched to Hawaiiantel's DSL. The week after canceling the cellular internet service I felt better and most of the symptoms subsided (prior to my life's deterioration when the Nameless started attacking me).

Light Headed and Negative

Last night and for most of the day I have been fighting off negative thoughts. I have been feeling sad and despondent. I know that these feeling can creek up now and again, but this time they were persistent. The general feeling of despair continues to grow while I am at home. My mind is awash with these feelings, but when I am away from the security cellular modem I have a more positive state of mind.

The device pictured above is GSM cellular transceiver. More powerful than the cell phone used by consumers because it is considered a home appliance by the F.C.C. The interesting thing is that the signal strength varies during the day and at the time of posting this entry it is fairly high.

Are the Nameless behind this (the first salesperson I chased away had the characteristics of one of them), they are suspect. I cannot be sure at this time, but one thing I am sure of is the cellular device is detrimental to my health and wellbeing. I am sensitive to EM fields. I can find most commercial wireless routers in a building with my eyes closed. I can feel the change in clarity of my mind as if I just drank a glass of wine or beer.

What is particularly menacing is the change in attitude. I am constantly monitoring my thoughts (a habit gained from meditation). When my thoughts become negative I seek a reason or source for the negative thoughts. Past posts have noted how I have been overcome with negative emotions and once I recognize them for what they are I am able to dismiss them. I can recognize negative thoughts of a certain type as coming from and external source. The Nameless have an ability to influence the minds of others, I have experienced this first hand while talking to some of them. I had that feeling of "why did I agree to that" after the conversation or meeting ended (a significant experience was while I was talking to some union reps while working for the state of Hawaii - all state employees must join one of two unions).

Technology's Negativity

Technology can be a godsend, but it also poses risks. Our wireless networks grant us access to communication and internet, but they do pose risks to the electrical system of the body (human biology is electrical) and mind (central nervous system). Exposure to this technology may not cause illness, but can disrupt the conscious subconscious connection, disrupt dreaming, disrupt brainwave patterns or sustain a particular brainwave pattern. If the cellular device is sustaining a heightened state of alert as when a person is confronted with a fight or flight situation it can alter the body's chemistry (cortisol, norepinephrine) and cause anxiety, paranoia, depression and hypertension. Depression and hypertension are at epidemic proportions in large cities (Los Angeles, New York) with large and often redundant cell networks providing phone service. Sadly we are being conditioned to accept these symptoms as being common and normal health conditions.

It is interesting that I find contentment in natural places where cell phone towers are absent. No bars, no carrier on the cell phone is an indication of a cell free area. I can refresh my connection with the greater consciousness spending time in natural rural areas. At this time I feel disconnected from the whole of consciousness. For someone that has spent a lot of time cultivating a connection with the whole of consciousness, it feels like being isolated from a source of love and contentment.

How will my current dilemma be remedied? Turning the security system off when at home. Since I am unable to remove the device I will need to relocate and/or shield the device. I will post my final solution here.

We should all limit the exposure to the cellular microwave spectrum in our homes. Turn off your 900 MHz wireless DSL modems, routers and cellular hotspots when not in use. Use the hardline. Wireless networks are not even close to the speed of copper. Wireless saturation of your living space could be similar to the lead pipes the Romans used to provide water in their homes. The wireless luxury could be our end.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ed Snowden

The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

Ed Snowden was interviewed in Hong Kong concerning his whistleblowing about the NSA's unfettered and unwarranted wiretapping of American citizens. What does this have to do with this blog? I always thought that I was being watched, even prior to my trip through the void. After my experience I had discovered that I was not mistaken, never truly realizing just how far they would go. My whole experience in Hawaii with the Nameless had a feeling of disciplined behavior (timing and aggression) from some kind of military training.

I am a kind of whistleblower. Unlike Snowden, that has a lot more exposure in a more tangible endeavor, I am relegated to this blog. Most people have labeled me insane and written me off as a paranoid schizophrenic, but I am happy to say that I am not quite there, not today.

The movie "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson comes to mind. I have been drugged, my apartment has been broken into (they had a key), my computer hacked (Spiritual Networks account has been logged into recently - they sent me an email asking me to log in and two days later I received an email thanking me for logging in, even though I had not logged in in weeks), I have been under constant surveillance, as well as being subjected to an overdose of electromagnetic radiation. I have lost and given up everything. Not because I wanted to, but because I had no other choice. It is true that I could just play along and be quiet, but the greater consciousness would not allow me to do so.

Snowden in Paradise

In the interview he stated that he worked in Hawaii. That was a significant comment. Hawaii is more of an American military outpost in the Pacific Ocean. At the time of my battle with those I call the Nameless in Hawaii, I endured a lot of radiation from weapons that I had seen on documentaries concerning new weapons the military was developing. The microwave weapon that heats the skin of the target from a distance (I was able to defend against that onslaught with a foil covered piece of cardboard). A connection with the military industrial complex (CIA, NSA - intelligence; Army, Navy, Air Force - enforcement) and the Nameless is starting to become more evident. I thought there might be some minor connection, but there is too much jumping out at me for me to ignore the role of the Nameless in the military and intelligence agencies. I have encountered a number of the Nameless at Moffet Field and at Travis AFB, so it makes sense that the intelligence agencies would be infiltrated also. The Hawaiian island of Maui was infested with the Nameless, it becomes difficult to imagine that they are not more intimately related now.

I am pleased that Ed Snowden has risked so much to come forward like this. He is far more courageous man than I. I still hide behind a pseudonym and the perceived anonymity of the internet. He has become one of my heroes and deserves to hold that moniker on a very short list of people.

What gives me little comfort (meant in a positive manner) is that I see the beginning of the end of this covert and oppressive era. I see the unraveling of many years of preparation. I see those that have gotten away with crimes against individuals and humanity being exposed. It has always been my desire to direct my personal realm of consciousness to shine the light upon everything that causes unnecessary and intentional suffering (even before I awakened to my current state of mind). I believe that if I continue this intention I can infect the whole of consciousness or at least I will move into a realm where this is the norm. I hope that you will join me in directing consciousness to expose and root out those that cause so much harm and despair.

What gives me greater comfort is the knowing and understanding that the pendulum of consciousness has started to swing in another direction (envision a pendulum that is not limited to a 90 degree arc on a fixed path, but able to swing in any direction). We have reached a time where the force of so much malevolence can no longer be sustained. It is my desire that the force of such malevolence will now be directed back at those that have created it (Karmic retribution). We need to aid the momentum to ensure that consciousness makes examples of those that are responsible for our current tragic human condition. We want more people like Ed Snowden to stand up and effect change in our tangible reality and the spiritual conscious realm.

Everyone needs to become a witness of consciousness and for consciousness. In doing so you create light in the darkness where malevolence festers. You will attract benevolent people and beings into your personal conscious realm and grow in numbers. Together we will leave this era of immaturity and selflessness behind.

NOTE: Concerning technology... My family has recently upgraded to a more sophisticated home security system wired to landline. The system was monitored by ADT but is now monitored by The home security can now be accessed (exposed) via the internet. The home user and anyone else smart enough to gain access to the home's portal can turn the alarm off, view connected CCTV, unlock doors, turn light and appliances on and off (if optional security modules are used).

The salespeople have been persistent in targeting this house shortly after my arrival I was successful in influencing the decision not to upgrade until recently. The first salesperson was an arrogant ass that had many of the personality flaws of the Nameless. The most recent salesperson arrived while I was away. Since the upgrade some more interesting anomalies have already begun to present themselves with this new system - more on that later.

Here is a video of Shia LaBeouf talking about a conversation with an FBI consultant while preparing for a movie on a late night talk show. Shia mentions the FBI using the ADT security to listen in on conversations in the home (with the aforementioned upgrade they can now do more). This was posted back in 2008, take it for what it's worth (it's Hollywood).

Link to video if unable to view above:

What If?

There have been very few genuine and significant spiritual awakenings. Why is that the case? Is there some concerted effort by a large and powerful organization to suppress the conscious evolution of humankind in order to sustain the current human paradigm? What if I am right. Just suspend disbelief and consider that I am right. You really do not have to do anything. Just hold on to the intention that consciousness (God or whatever you believe) will do unto those that have caused intentional harm to others. Don't hold that intention with fear, hold it with a knowing that it is the only direction that is possible.

I seem to be entering the realm of government conspiracy. It is not my intention...

UPDATE: 06.11.13 03:35
A thought just occurred to me that I could not wait to add. Ed Snowden caught the NSA completely off guard with his whistleblowing. Either Ed is smarter than the Q Group that is responsible for policing the NSA or Ed is one of those I refer to as the Nameless (he has one characteristic all ascended beings posess, uncanny intelligence - since he never graduated high school or attended college). 

Did Ed get away with it because they never suspected he could do such a thing? Loyalty amoung the Nameless has to be very strong in order for them to survive and gain power. Anyone breaking ranks with the organization poses a tremendous risk. What else is he willing to talk about? If he is one of the Nameless, does he know he is? This would be a grand event if some within Nameless started to obtain a conscience about the group's endeavors and defect. 

Are those I refer to as The Others former members of the Nameless and now help people like myself?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daily Journal

I have placed my online journal on Google Docs. The journal can be viewed here for anyone interested in following my madness a bit more intimately.
 - -

I am getting into the habit of updating my journal via my iPhone during the day. Most of the thoughts are the inspiration for a blog post here. I do this mainly to track my progress or my mental decline. We'll see how this goes.

The Others

Brett Swanson
The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

There has been some activity from those I call The Others. I have no idea what their agenda may be. I started to see them in the places I usually go since I started to resume posting on this blog. They are friendly and usually reach out to me in some way. I am unable to discern them from the Nameless on most occasions since I am in a constant state of mistrust.

I encountered one of them in a Mall (another prior to this event in a local hardware store), but perceived them as one of the Nameless. I was in an altered state of mind that day. I felt a little light headed and agitated. This feeling subsided once I returned home. I cannot be sure if the Nameless were responsible for this feeling, but it did serve to alter my perception of the 'Other' person that was sitting nearby (the details of my encounter is intentionally vague to protect  the identity of the person I saw - not understanding their relationship with the Nameless).

They look as if they took certain positive physical characteristics from other people and manifested those physical characteristics in their own body. Or, I am unable to view them as they really are, due to my mind's limited frame of reference. It is difficult to explain what I see and interpret. There is something distinct about their appearance that is difficult to to understand.

I had noticed them in Hawaii before I moved to California, but I was in a state of survival and fear at that time. I could not welcome anyone into my life after recently experiencing the onslaught from the Nameless thugs. I can still see their faces and what they were wearing on that day near the health food store near S. King and University Ave. I could see the compassion in their eyes. Intention and emotion conveyed by the eyes cannot be faked. I am sorry I missed that opportunity.

I do not know if they are trying to help me or if they are being entertained, by my actions or delusional state of mind. I thought that it might be necessary to post this encounter just in case they are reading this blog (I feel insane, right now, completely insane...). I need to convey to them that I am aware of their efforts, but require a level of assurance of their intentions.

NOTE: This post was published mysteriously. I had not intention of publishing this post yet. For those of you that visit this blog regularly (thank you), you noticed that this initially was a partial draft.

Life is But A Dream

Seven pointed star that jumped out at me while channel surfing - Game of Thrones
A sacred symbol in Wicca and Alchemy - Sacred Geometry
The Prevention of Ascension -

Daily Journal

I am shifting between levels of consciousness. I have mentioned this before, but these shifts are no longer subtle or easy to dismiss. I witness events and then the following day(s) I am unable to verify that they actually happened. I ask a person involved in the event about an event and they stated that they did't know what I am talking about. Or, I have an experience I cannot physically verify the following days. This could be a sign of my increased insanity, my life would be easier if I was, but the fact that I am aware of this and attentive to these experiences is a good sign. My interest is how I may be able to use or integrate this quantum weirdness and its meaning? I am experimenting with my life consciously, some may say recklessly, since I believe that I have nothing to lose. After all, sanity is actually an agreed upon acceptable level of behavior set by a society that is far from sane.

Dreams have taken on a realistic character and I wonder if I am dreaming these instances where and I am unable to verify them when I am awake. This could possibly be the merging of my conscious and subconscious mind. Sleep seems to be some kind of interrupt between levels of consciousness or the conscious and subconscious. Waking up day to day is no longer the same mundane experience, each day is different, as if I have more choices (increased ability to manifest and create my reality). If I fall asleep during the day (nap) I can sense that something has changed after I wake up. It is not always clear to me what has changed, but I notice a change in what I focus upon. This has increased as I devote more tim and consistency to meditation. My meditation sessions have changed with greater focus, purpose and ease.

I seem to be entering a change in my life. It is very similar to dreaming. I am observing my waking life as if I am dreaming. The best way to describe this is to say I am detached from it as if I was part of the audience. I am caught between simultaneously participating and observing in this dream of my life. It is a strange feeling, but also comfortable in that it feels right, almost normal.

Nature responds to me. I sit in a parking lot waiting for an appointment and I am overcome with contentment. I feel compelled to look at a nearby tree and as I focus my gaze upon the tree I notice that it is shimmering in the sun light. It feels like I am picking up the vibration and resonating with it. The contentment grows and I thank the tree (nature) for the experience.

There is a large hill that I pass by on a certain road while cycling. The hill has a certain vibration or energy about it. I stop and take time to soak up this energy. As I focus my gaze upon the hillside I feel the contentment that I feel while in nature, something I have experienced in the past while living near the Santa Cruz mountain range. There is a strange feeling that a doorway or portal is opening, as if I was being invited. I don't know if it is a feeling or just a desire, my desire to escape this reality.

I am starting to believe that nature is the physical manifestation of consciousness. This is difficult to explain. When we dream while sleeping we create a construct in order for us to interact with the dream. There are the basic characteristics in order for us to function, ground, light, tactile senses, sound, etc. While we are awake, nature is the same thing. Nature is the physical aspect of the dream, but it is conscious and interactive  when presented with the correct state of mind.

The Nameless seem to be aware of this change and have been active in suppressing this change with their electromagnetic radiation. One thing I did notice is that I am recovering faster. The latest volley of radiation was at the levels of when I lived in Hawaii. Just recently the satellite TV signal dropped at the onset of the attack. I was almost incapacitated, but never an ounce of fear entered my mind. I just entered my faraday cage and fell asleep. The following day I usually feel fatigued, but I rode to Grant Ranch taking Quimby Rd. back home, not an easy task. 


There are days when the Nameless do not interfere with my life. They are not present. Their slaves are not overt in their activities. My life is normal (whatever that means). There are also days when I feel I have ascended to a higher state of consciousness, life is crisp, clean, smooth and flowing. I see some of the Nameless (we are attracted to one another). I interact with them and then they notice something about me that is different. Fear and surprise is usually the response I get and they watch me closely until either party leaves. The following day I notice a change (as noted above - shifting levels of consciousness) and the level of radiation is higher as if I was a flame that they were trying to extinguish. I then notice that I am back at a familiar level one that is full of their slaves and absent of those with higher levels of consciousness, dark and dreary. I feel like a stone skipping across a lake. Sometimes I can sustain the skip, sometimes I sink.


My current experiments concern my vulnerability when I am asleep. They have been successful in influencing me while I sleep. Since I have been making changes in where I sleep I have been waking up refreshed without a depressed state of mind. I seem to be able to protect myself from most of their effort to influence my waking dream state. Consciousness seems to be more malleable than I thought possible. Once you begin an awakened relationship with consciousness, consciousness responds. Being attentive and patient during my waking state is necessary to witness all that consciousness is conveying. Things pop out and others fade into the background. Consciousness communicates directly in this manner once it has your attention it will stream a series of events together. I am not too adept in interpretation at this time, but I am learning.

Images, stories, articles, people, locations jump out at me. I can search for  something online and be lead to a specific site with a subject that is too compelling to ignore. If I do ignore it, I find myself back at the site. The little television I watch I end up catching the same movie at the same scene until I acknowledge the message (or what I believe to be the message). It's actually pretty annoying until I figure out the message. I have recently come to understand that people who are clairvoyant have these experiences. I don't consider myself to be clairvoyant.

NOTE: One of the things that popped out was a video on extraterrestrial disclosure. I have no evidence that extraterrestrials exist and I have never seen one. I perceive The Nameless to be human with a higher state of consciousness. Many of their malevolence and petty characteristics are evidence of their humanity. I have not seen any evidence that they are highly evolved, if so they would not be malevolent.

When malevolence is part of the social construct of a society you get this reality (poverty, war, suffering). When benevolence is the only paradigm within a social construct the possibilities are endless. The conscious trajectories of each social construct completely differ in speed (evolution) and direction (purpose) that they may never cross paths in the infinite space within the whole of consciousness. 

I am skeptical all of UFO's (this will persist until I see one myself), although I did claim in my ebook that the initial attacks were from some kind of aerial vehicle. Other beings on other planets and levels of consciousness is something that I believe, but have no evidence to support this, yet.

What is the message in this video? I don't know yet. I'll try and post these pop out messages from my conscious experiences here so you can help me interpret what might be happening.

Chess Match

The game I am playing with the Nameless gets a little to intense at times. I get caught up (distracted) with them and lose sight of what I intend to accomplish (ascend beyond their kind). The previous post was an indication of this. I was provoking them and they were responding. As things escalated I needed to take a step back and assess how my thoughts and actions were effecting my reality (my attention to them retains them within my conscious reality). I am back at it again (posting and provoking), so the Nameless need to call their spook to gas up that motorcycle and follow me on my bike rides up the mountain again. It is interesting how they are able to introduce characters into my waking dreamworld and effect my actions and thoughts, fascinating to say the least...

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Been working on reestablishing some accounts associated with my sites. It looks like my Facebook site as well as the site I use for's email has been infiltrated. No known damage, but I could have lost some email from the past few weeks, after I started posting again. This is the second time this has happened, that I know of. I must be doing something right.

If you attempted to contact me and received a reply send it again, it might not have been me. If you did not get a reply from a previous email, send it again also.


The Prevention of Ascension -

I have a secret that I have been avoiding to post. When I first arrived back in California I had an urge to test the law of attraction, or manifesting my thoughts and desires in my reality through conscious intent. When I would go to purchase a ticket the Nameless were not to far behind. I assumed that they did not want a person like me playing the lottery in California because if I won they would have a problem controlling me. I have plans to travel and stay mobile to make it difficult for them to try to control and influence me.

The interesting part of this observation is that as soon as I purchased a ticket one of their minions would enter the store after I left. I did not go back into the store to see what they were doing, but it was too consistent. They started to intimidate me by waiting outside the store staring at me. I eventually lost interest in playing the lottery because I was unable to win anything and I had a feeling it was somehow being fixed by them. 

As large a presence the Nameless have in this reality I could see that they would use something like the state lottery to enrich their organization. If you are new to this blog and have not read the past posts, those I refer to as the Nameless have the ability to hear the thoughts of others as well as prescience. It would not be too difficult if the winners were their many minions giving the prize money to the organization or purchasing goods and services from their extensive network of business. 


When Powerball came to California something interesting happened. I played one time using the kiosks or vending machines instead of going to a store and purchasing the ticket from a cashier. As I purchased a ticket there was someone behind me, slightly off to one side as if the were looking at the numbers I was selecting. 

I purchased some tickets at a later date, and suspecting that someone will be standing behind me, I selected numbers randomly as fast as I could, my own version of the quick pick, without knowing what numbers I was selecting. I finished with the first ticket I turned to see a woman standing behind me as the other person did the first time. She had a confused look on her face as if  she was having difficulty keeping up. I repeated the process a couple of other times as fast as I could and took my tickets and turned to walk away. A cast a glance in her direction and she looked down at the floor. 

Powerball is a multistage lottery and the Nameless might not have the ability to control the prizes even if they might have a high success rate using prescience (they might not have 100% accuracy using prescience) there are far too many players to secure sole winning tickets. 

If I win any sum of money I will post it here. Imagine if the Nameless with their abilities of prescience have been winning the lottery for some time. Talk about easy money. 

Etheric Energy Device

One of the warnings I received pertaining to the device I use is that it has the capacity to enhance the ability to manifest thoughts in reality. The warning came from the person that created the device after using several devices at the junction points of a tetrahedron he constructed. The tone of that warning was somewhat ominous. 

The device I am using has aided me in the ability to manifest my thoughts in this reality (enhancing the abilities I had acquired from the void and from the use of white powdered gold) but, this ability has been limited by the Nameless when they use their own electromagnetic devices on me in the past on many occasions.

NOTE: I had written this post as a draft at first and did not post immediately. The Nameless came out of the woodwork last night and did their best to keep me occupied. Their attacks lasted until after the Powerball numbers were made available and then all of a sudden the attacks stopped. I guess they were trying to prevent me from trying to manifest a winning ticket. I did not try, I still haven't looked at the numbers of my last ticket purchase, maybe I should. 

I will edit and update this post at a later time, I just wanted to get this out as fast as possible. The Nameless do not seem to be happy about my lottery activity. This needs more attention. 

More to come.

The Following Day

The day of the Powerball draw was interesting. My neighbors were home, not usual, and they were keeping tabs on me, even the neighbors that just moved in. There was a lot of foot traffic in front of the house as I was working on some projects. The entire day was a bit odd to say the least.

Today the neighbors are all away from home and it is pretty quiet, normal. The electromagnetic activity is lower, but still persistent. I am looking forward to the next draw to see if it will all happen again. The minions of the Nameless are pretty consistent in their behavior. They either can't resist or they aren't capable of realizing how obvious they are. This makes me wonder if they are a bunch of mindless zombies playing some sort of game.

Monday, May 13, 2013

More Fear

The long dark emptiness of the void


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

The "Litany Against Fear" is from the novel by Frank Herbert's Dune series. Still one of the most important works of science fiction to date.

On the morning of my journey through the void, my very own spiritual resurrection. The fear was so overwhelming it occupied all of my senses. I was consumed by it. I ran from that fear. The violence that I thought I had perpetrated made me want to run. Hundreds and thousands of beings chasing me. Sirens were blaring as I ran fighting through a level of confusion I had never ever faced in my life (I cannot remember correctly, but I believe I heard them shouting 'there he is'). I ran under an overpass and turned to face the pack that was chasing me, but there was nothing there. Silence, peace and the unsettling emptiness of the void. 

I found myself at a familiar street corner S.O.F.A. South First Street Area in downtown San Jose ( S. First and E. San Salvador). There were beings, several of them, pushing me and calling me names. They were referencing my racial heritage they used every possible innuendo. I felt their hatred, it was the most hatred I had ever felt at one time. As I stood there in the middle of the intersection they where shouting and pushing me. They surrounded me. I felt their hands as they shoved me toward each other. I did nothing. I focused on nothing. I did not fight back and then it stopped. I was standing in my apartment covered in sweat, exhausted, but relieve the fear had passed through me. 

I now know the perpetrators of the horrors I faced that morning. The Nameless where there forcing that fear upon me. They were the ones pushing me. I can almost feel who they were now. I can almost recognize them. I can do this now because they are at it again. I can feel them focusing their fear upon me. It is distinct in that it comes from outside of my self. I can almost sense it's direction and source. It is not like a panic attack where the source comes from the mind generated by thoughts of known fears, this fear is without substance. Raw fear that allows you to fill in the blanks. 

I recite the litany against fear and focus upon the moment and the fear subsides. I recognize and focus upon the source. I look back at the perpetrator and the are forced to look away. I tell them that karmic retribution is at their door, it comes for them. I apologize, but note that it is not my doing, I am only the witness. 

The past few days, have been heavy with this fear. The Nameless know that I am able to manifest my thoughts in my conscious reality (as you do also). They know that if they can induce fear in me I will manifest my own monsters. Fascinating tactic, they plant the seed and I nurture the beast. 

They do most of their evil deeds when I sleep (radiation, inception). I am most vulnerable at that time, we are all vulnerable at that time. We wake up and the notion of fear creeps into our daily life. We look for it and then we find what we are looking or focused upon. 

They are persistent. Many, many sources. The minions are out in force staring at me from a distance dong their part. Poor soulless souls, slaves to empty promises. The pendulum now swings in the opposite direction. The age of fear is subsiding. I fear they will be lost forever, clinging to the bushes and grasses of this place for several eternities. 

Fear And Loathing in Hawaii

In Hawaii there was one rather large man of Samoan/Hawaiian descent. They would call him to follow me when I left my apartment. It was during the time I was writing me ebook. The fear they induced in me became real when I saw him. As this tactic continued I began to question what I was feeling and I would leave my apartment and then return quickly to an elevated parking garage at the apartment building. I saw him walking towards the apartment talking on the phone and looking for someone. I watched him standing beneath my observation post in the garage. He was waiting for me so he could play his part. The last time I saw him we walked toward each other. As we approached each other I looked him in the eyes and he looked away. He continued walking, nothing happened.

In the recent past they have sent strangers to my door. They just walk up when I am in the garage and try to act friendly in a menacing way. This stopped during my recent year of inactivity and has resumed again. I suspect that they will take it up a notch. I will post those instances here.

Fear As A Method of Control

We hear in America live in a perpetual state of fear. Constantly bombarded by news segments of impending harm, death and debt. We are not safe and there are those that offer resolutions, safety and sanctuary. Noam Chomsky stated that they create the problem then offer their solution. The solution often requires that you give something up in return (civil rights, liberty). The Nameless offer that they will stop this fear mongering if I stop posting on this blog. I can go back to a life free from fear if I give up my right to live my life in any way I choose to. I can not accept their meager offer. I tried to ignore them, but my life stalled in a perpetual loop indicating I had to act. I refuse to live that way.

I have created another phrase by witch I refer to the Nameless. I have called them parasites of consciousness, but it seems the are also bullies of consciousness as well. The offspring (little demons) of their minions are bullies as well, practicing their craft at a young age to be applied in adulthood. Generations of bullies for their cause. Let's see if I can draw them out from behind the darkness and safety of their anonymity and coax them out into the light for all to see. That's what this is all about. They were revealed to me some 14 years ago and now I can no longer ignore them.

Fear prevents any significant movement to higher levels of consciousness. Fear interrupts the flow of energy from the heart (heart chakra) to the brain (crown chakra). Fear is the electric fence that defines the prison of this existence. Fear occupies the place where positive emotions can flourish. The evil of the Nameless is based upon fear. Subdue the fear and disarm the Nameless. Often the threat of harm is far more powerful than the harm itself.