Sunday, May 28, 2017

Journal: Conscious Contraction

I am back here again. I am able to recognize this level of consciousness, it is one I have spent too much time trying to escape. The all to familiar annoyances have been waiting for my arrival. So much has changed and so much remains the same. Same old story with different faces. 

I spend a good deal of time ascending and expanding consciousness, I am getting pretty good at it, but then I wake up and here I am again, forced to begin again. I should know better when I notice that my conscious environment improves and I am in the flow of consciousness someone or something notices that I do not belong and expect that they will send me back, here.

At times I feel a bit like Dorothy, but unlike Dorothy I kind of prefer Oz to home. This multidimensional dream world is a bit confusing at times, but now that I am aware of what I am experiencing I could never settle for that which is called normal. 

One thing that I am noticing as I wake up in this contracted consciousness, I carry with me that which I have gained. I know how to get back and I have discovered that even though not much has changed here (wherever here is), I have changed, significantly and I can effect change wherever I end up. 

With each cycle I push farther than the previous. I cannot enter a level of consciousness without changing it in some way. What chaos do I provoke in places I do not belong? What order do I invoke? I sense purpose in my travels. I am seeing as a catalyst to further the expansion of consciousness. 

Conscious expansion may be forced to contract, but conscious evolution is permanent and infinite. It is mine for all times. Like I have stated many times in previous posts to my antagonists, see you soon...

The cycle continues and time is irrelevant. Ready or not, here I come, again. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Journal: Notta Care in...

I don't have a care in the world. This new state of being has been slowly invading my consciousness. I welcome it, but it is a bit unsettling at times.

I have been conditioned to work for what I want so I am a bit beside myself at times. I have to admit that it is difficult to drift in the flow of consciousness in the midst of those that view this conscious reality as finite and physical. 

I seem to spend more time waiting for consciousness to respond than taking actions that seem to complicate the process. All things come to those that wait (didn't mean much before).

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Journal: On The Edge

I am now realizing that consciousness is unfolding before me. Everything is happening on the edge of conscious thought. With each step I take conscious expansion accommodates my actions. My interaction is directly related to the choices provided by my conscious experience. 

I now see that my current environment was manifested from previous and current thoughts. I can begin to interpret my conscious environment,and those characters within. If there is any question why something has happened, I can reference a particular previous thought or action responsible for that experience. 

That which I focus upon is at the edge of my experiences. I am witnessing the whole of consciousness accommodating my thoughts and manifesting them in real time.  

I am not good at directing my thoughts to obtain a certain outcome. I have a habit of focusing on undesirable outcomes. That is changing. Once you are able to observe this reality on the edge of thought everything begins to fall into place. 

What has caught my attention, again, is the manner in which consciousness is able to accommodate everyone within my conscious reality. I am noticing how a family member can alter my conscious reality; in a way infecting it with their temperament, thoughts and perceptions.  It is overtly fascinating.